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baby nursery furniture Baby Nursery
A hardwood crib, a wooden dresser, and a wicker diaper pail are the primary furnishings in this attractive nursery.
bathroom sink basin Bathroom Sink Basin
This white, vessel-mounted sink has a silver finish and cross handles for a sleek style that works well in modern and traditional bathrooms.
built-in bookcases Built-in Bookcases
Built-in bookcases are permanently installed, and they can add charm and character to a living room, home office, or library.
nickel-plated drawer pulls Cabinet Drawer Pulls
These nickel-plated drawer pulls provide an elegant appearance that nicely complements traditional kitchen or bathroom cabinetry.
copper pot with green vegetables Copper Cookware
Copper cookware looks attractive and conducts heat efficiently.  Lined copper pots, like the one in this photograph, provide even heat while cooking and protect food from absorbing traces of copper.
electric fireplace grate Electric Fireplace Grate
This electric fireplace grate, with its artificial flame technology, looks quite realistic.  Electric fireplaces are basically space heaters with aesthetically appealing designs.
floor lamp in family room Family Room Floor Lamp
A floor lamp is a portable lighting fixture that is affixed to the top of a stand.  The stand has a weighted base for stability.
garage storage Garage Storage
This modern garage has space for a family car as well as well shelves for storing various tools, paints, and other household items.
painting tools Painting Tools
Colorful paint samples, a paint roller, a paintbrush, and a yellow paint bucket comprise this painting tools photograph.
aboveground pool with decking Swimming Pool Decking
This man is installing wooden decking around an aboveground pool.  A deck can be a practical addition to any aboveground pool, enabling swimmers to relax around the pool.
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